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1 Roman Catholic Church of ST. CHRISTOPHER AND ST. PATRICK 3094 ALBANY POST ROAD BUCHANAN, NEW YORK ELEVENTH STREET, PO BOX 609 VERPLANCK, NEW YORK Phone: Fax: Phone: Fax: Website: Pastor... Rev. George Oonnoonny Parochial Vicar/Vicario Parroquial... Rev. Matthew Cherian Deacon/Diacono...Robert Lyons Coordinator of Faith Formation (CCD) Program... Mrs. Lisa Quist MASSES - BUCHANAN LOCATION MASSES - VERPLANCK LOCATION Saturday evening... Spanish 7:30 pm Sunday...8:45, 11:30 am, Spanish 1:30 pm Saturday evening... 5:00 pm...eastern Rite 4:00 pm Holy Day... As Announced Holy Day... As Announced Weekdays: Monday thru Thursday...9:00 am Sunday...10:15 am Weekdays: Monday thru Saturday... 8:00 am CONFESSIONS appointment Spanish... before Mass on Saturday or Sunday or anytime by appointment CONFESSIONS Saturday... 4:00 to 4:30 pm or anytime by appointment OFFICE HOURS OFFICE HOURS Thursday... 9:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday...9:00 am to 2:00 pm Friday...9:00 am to 1:00 pm Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri....5:00 to 7:30 pm (Spanish) THRIFT SHOP Wednesday and Saturday... 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

2 THIRTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME MASS INTENTIONS FOR NOVEMBER 4 TO NOVEMBER 11 ST. CHRISTOPHER S SAT 7:30 JUAN ALFONSO ARPI Req. by Sons SUN 8:45 BENEDETTO MARTINELLI Req. by Claire Martinelli 11:30 ROSINA CASSANO Req. by Rich & Lil McNulty 1:30 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA MON 8:00 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA TUE 8:00 GIUSEPPI FIORE Req. by Ida Santi WED 8:00 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA THU 8:00 ROSINA CASSANO Req. by Raffaele Family FRI 8:00 MARY JOHNS Req. by Doreen Johns & Family SAT 8:00 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA ST. PATRICK S SAT 5 :00 SHERI VARGO MACIAS Req. by Family SUN 10:15 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA MON 9:00 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA TUE 9:00 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA WED 9:00 ALL SOULS DAY NOVENA THU 9:00 THOMAS McKEON Req. by Family FRI 9:00 NO MASS SAT 5:00 KATHERINE A. STEWART Req. by Marie Nolan SUN 10:15 ALBINO CARBONE Req. by Family The Mass Book is Open for Please call the Rectory at and reserve your Masses. Thank you. Baptisms: Scheduled & Celebrated by appointment. Parents should call the rectory at least four weeks in advance, and must attend instructions. Church Law requires that only Catholics in good standing are eligible to be Godparents. No Baptisms will be scheduled during Lent. Anointing of the Sick: We offer this sacrament to those who are seriously ill, at home or in the hospital. We urge you to contact the office before someone goes to the hospital for an operation. (A priest may not be available later) Ministry of the Sick: Holy Communion will be brought to the sick, upon request. The bedridden or chronically ill can be placed on the Eucharistic Ministers visitation schedule. Wedding: Engaged couples must make arrangements in person, at the office at least six months in advance. St. Christopher & St. Patrick Finance Center REVISED STATEMENT ACTUAL FISCAL YEAR AS OF AUGUST 2018 Revenue Parishioner s Sunday Collections $354,570 Other Revenue (Donations, CCD, CYO, Fund Raising 126,068 Total Revenue 480,638 Expenses Payroll, Archdiocese Fees, Church & Office 494,829 (Deficit) (14,191) Additional Collections Needed: Deficit for Year 14,191 Cash Reserve for Emergency Total 25,000 Total 39,191 7,572 Weekly Collections Needed ($393,761 / 52) 6,819 Less: Actual Collections ($354,570 / 52) 753 Additional Weekly Collections Needed 11% ACTUAL COLLECTIONS RECEIVED OCTOBER 28, 2018 $4,697 Please consider using WESHARE (PARISH PAY) for your contributions. Thank you. We depend on your continued support. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. Mother Teresa

3 Events this Week Sunday Wednesday Saturday Sunday Second Collection Maintenance & Repairs Thrift shop open from 9:30am-12:30pm Thrift shop open from 9:30am-12:30pm Second Collection - Insurance The winner of the 26-Week Club for Week 22 is #52 Nancy Curry Borst. The seller is Janet Curry. BINGO will be on Tuesday, November 13 in the Parish Hall. Doors open at 7:00. BINGO starts at 7:30. Please spread the word with your family, friends & neighbors. All are welcome. And remember the larger the crowd the larger the cash prizes. Hope to see you! Our future BINGO dates through the end of the year are: Tuesday, November 27, Tuesday, December 4 and Tuesday, December 18. The construction of the Crying Room has been completely finished. We understand it s sometimes difficult for a baby or small child to stay still or quiet for the length of the Mass. You now have the opportunity to bring your child into the Crying Room so that they can read books, play with blocks, while you the parent can still hear and participate in the Mass. The Crying Room is even equipped with a heated floor. A Healing Mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick s Church in Yorktown Heights on Thursday, November 15 at 7:00 P.M. Msgr. Dermot Brennan will be the celebrant. Individual prayer for healing will follow the Mass. For further information please call Joan at St. Columbanus Holiday Craft Fair on Saturday, November 10 from 10am to 4pm at St. Columbanus Church Hall on Oregon Road in Cortlandt Manor. Long Term Prayer List: The sick are comforted just knowing that we pray for them. Please remember these members of our Parish Family, who are ill, in your prayers: Mickey Foster, Ray Mackey, Aidan McElgunn, Sheila Dahlke Moore, Susan Rose, Michael Boddie, John Boddie, James Boddie, Kathy Farrey, Art Farrey Sr., Ed Lent, Margaret Hesselgrave, Joao Manino Vaz, Marilu Selicco, Robin Pasquale, Phyllis Novohradsky, George Malles, Omar Navarro, Maria Zavaglia, Mary Jane Sabatini, Paul Hughes, Stan Hojnacki, Rita Robertine, Angela Everett, Tom Dudley, Rosemarie Fonti, Natalie Tropiano and John DeAngelis who are sick. Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time First Reading: Deuteronomy 6:2-6 Moses commands the people to love and fear God, and always keep the commandments that they were given. He tells them to observe all statutes so that they will continue to grow and prosper, and tells them that they must love God with all their soul and strength. Second Reading: Hebrews 7:23-28 Under the old covenant there were many priests, but Jesus will now remain high priest forever because he will live forever, and always be available to those who want to be saved. He does not need to offer sacrifice every day for the sins of his people, because he offered himself up in payment for their sins. Gospel: Mark 12:28b-34 One of the scribes asked Jesus which commandment is the first, and he replied that the first is to love and honor the Lord and no one else. Jesus explained that they must love God with all their heart, and love their neighbor. The scribe agreed that loving God completely and loving one's neighbor is better than any sacrifice they could make.

4 COMUNIDAD HISPANA PARROQUIA DE SAN CHRISTOPHER Y SAN PATRICIO 3094 Albany Post Rd Buchanan NY TELF. 914) FAX (914) HORARIO DE ATENCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: LUNES, MARTES, JUEVES, VIERNES 5:15PM- 7:45PM Página Web: EVENTOS DE LA SEMANA DEL 4 AL 11 DE NOVIEMBRE Domingo 4 de Noviembre: Segunda Colecta para ayudar con el Mantenimiento y Reparaciones Jueves 8 de Noviembre: Grupo de Oración a las 7:30 pm en el sótano del salón Parroquial Domingo 11 de Noviembre: Segunda Colecta para ayudar con el Seguro a la Arquidiócesis TRIGÉSIMO PRIMER DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO El escriba fiel sólo le pregunta a Jesús: Cuál es el primero de todos los mandamientos?. Pero recibe más de lo que pidió, pues en vez de un mandamiento Jesús le da dos. Parece que, desde la perspectiva de Dios, emparejar esos dos mandamientos tiene un perfecto sentido. La humanidad fue creada a la imagen y semejanza de Dios, En efecto, la humanidad fue creada por el amor de Dios. Consecuentemente, desde la perspectiva divina, todos son dignos del amor. Todos fueron creados a imagen de Dios, Todos fueron creados por el amor de Dios. Mirándolo desde esa perspectiva nos damos cuenta de que el segundo mandamiento fluye lógicamente del primero. Sabemos también que Dios vive en cada uno de nosotros. Si miramos al otro no superficialmente, sino con intensidad, veremos el rostro de Jesús que se hace visible en el rostro de ellos. El Espíritu Santo habita en nosotros. Por tanto, amar al prójimo es amar a Dios. Y por la parábola del buen samaritano sabemos lo que Dios nos pide cuando nos dice que debemos amar a nuestro prójimo. El escriba entiende inmediatamente por qué Jesús incluye el segundo mandamiento en el primero y recuerda entonces las palabras de Oseas: yo quiero misericordia y no sacrificios (Oseas 6, 6) cuando repite las palabras de Jesús. Por eso es que Jesús le dice: No estás lejos del Reino de Dios (Marcos 12, 34). Pero ahora viene la parte importante: el escriba debe poner sus conocimientos en práctica. Tenía el deseo de hacer la voluntad de Dios, entendió bien la respuesta y expresó su esperanza de ponerla en práctica. Desafortunadamente no sabemos en qué paró todo. No sabemos lo que este escriba anónimo hizo. Esperamos que haya vivido el resto de su vida conforme a lo que había aprendido. GRUPO DE ORACIÓN: Todos los jueves a las 7:30 pm en el sótano del salón parroquial MISA DE DEVOCIONES: Los segundos sábados del mes a las 7:30 pm. CONFESIONES: Los primeros sábados del mes después de la Misa de las 7:30pm. EXPOSICION Y ADORACION DEL SANTISIMO SACRAMENTO: Los primeros jueves del mes a las 7:30pm. REGISTRACION DE FELIGRESES Les damos la Bienvenida a nuestros hermanos que nos visitan por primera vez y les invitamos a que se registren en la parroquia y que participen del sistema de sobres semanales. Puede hacerlo con los ujieres o en la rectoría. Por favor tome unos minutos y regístrese ya que de esa manera Ud. estará activo en la parroquia y tendrá muchos beneficios. Uno de los beneficios es tener una Carta de Referencia para Inmigración o cualquier caso Federal o Estatal que Usted lo necesite.

5 PARISH FAITH FORMATION PROGRAM RENEWING OUR BLESSINGS ( ) ) UPCOMING EVENTS No CCD Classes on November 11 or 12 Schools are closed for Veterans Day We are asking all students to bring the following items to the bins in the entryway of the Parish Hall by no later than Wednesday, November 7th. The youth group will be preparing the baskets with the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday, November 13th. We are also looking for donated turkeys. If you wish to donate a frozen turkey, please bring to the CCD Office on November 18 or 19th so that we can distributed the Thanksgiving Baskets to the needy before November 21st. November 13th Parish Hall 7th and 8th Grade at 7:00 p.m. Thanksgiving Baskets for the Needy November 18th Farewell Mass for Father Matthew 11:30 a.m. Buchanan November 20th Buchanan Church 7th and 8th Grade at 6:30 p.m. Covering of the Missalettes No CCD Classes Thanksgiving Weekend Sunday, November 25 Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others! Gr. 1 1 box Instant Potatoes Gr. 2 1 Extra Large Can Yams Gr. 3 1 Large Can of Corn Gr. 4 1 Large Can of Peas Gr. 5 1 Large Can of Carrots Gr. 6 1 Large Can of Cut Green Beans Gr. 7 1 Large Can of Mixed Fruit Gr. 8 1 Large Plastic Bottle of Apple or Fruit Juice COUPON FOR ST PATRICKS ONLY!! Coupon NOT needed if attending mass in Buchanan. Pull Mass Participation Cards from black box if attending mass in Buchanan. Sunday, November 4, 2018 Mass Coupon Name Grade Name Grade

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